The Swing of Things - An Erotica Story

A bronzed woman is orgasming.

“Are you sure this is what you want to do?” Carl asked as he parked the car at the hotel.

“Of course, I am. I suggested it, didn’t I?” I replied.

“All right, let’s get in there and see what happens,” he replied.

We stepped out of our car and walked through the front doors. I stood looking around nervously as Carl checked us into our room. Each person that passed by drew my gaze as I wondered whether they were there for the same reason.

The event was listed as a private gathering but those in attendance knew it for what it was, a swinger’s party. Carl and I had agreed to give it a try. We booked a room, signed up for the party, and would play it by ear from there. This was our first time. If we took to it, that was fine. If we didn’t, we could still have our fun back in our room.

“You ready, Hannah?” Carl asked as he finished up at the desk. “Let’s get settled into our room.”

“Great,” I told him.

An hour later, we were dressed to the nines and headed down to the hotel restaurant for a bite of dinner and a couple of drinks to take the edge off before the party. This time it was easy to tell who was headed to the party. They were the ones dressed provocatively and with a small daisy pinned somewhere on their person. I had a series of them pinned into my hair.

“Mind if we sit with you?” a woman purred as she approached our table.

We have just gotten seated and the place was rammed with people, many with daisies but some without. I looked up to see the woman had a fresh daisy clipped to the top of a sheer tank dress she wore over dainty lace underthings that left nothing to the imagination. She was stunning with shoulder-length platinum blonde hair and a regal appearance. The dark-haired man by her side was equally as impressive.

“Absolutely,” Carl replied, waving toward the two empty chairs across from us.

“First time?” the woman asked, looking at me.

“Yes,” I told her.

“I’m Carole and this is my husband, Derek. We’ve been in the lifestyle for quite a while so if you have any questions, just ask us.”

We ordered our meals, drank some wine, and chatted politely about our lives. Anyone who didn’t know what we were there for would have thought we were work colleagues or out for dinner with new friends, which I suppose we kind of were. By the end of dinner, I felt much more at ease but as the time approached to enter the private meeting hall, I found myself a little uncertain again. I’d read stories about couples that split up after getting a taste of this kind of life, but surely Carl and I were stronger than that.

Carl took my hand and smiled softly at me as we left the restaurant and made our way to the event, following Carole and Derek inside to look for a table with our name on it. I wasn’t sure what I had expected. This was a very nice hotel, but I had somehow thought the room décor set up for the swingers’ party would be a bit seedier. Instead, it looked more like a well-planned awards dinner.

It was only after everyone was seated that the host stepped up to a small DJ booth on one side of the room and spoke into the microphone, letting us know that the event would begin shortly and pointing everyone toward the bar should we require drinks. By now our table was filled with a mix of new swingers and seasoned veterans. Each had a place card of various colors in front of them.

As the large outer doors closed, the lights dimmed and the music began, a selection of quiet, sultry songs that lent to the mood of the place. People began chatting all around, leaving their tables behind to join other tables or take up perches on the sofas and cushioned podiums scattered around the room. Several members were already getting right down to things, wasting no time in stripping off their clothes and dancing or making out.

"Should we get more comfortable?” I whispered to Carl, who sat beside me watching in amazement.

“I think so,” he replied.

I stood up and made a production of peeling myself out of the form-fitting sleeve dress that I wore over a sheer black teddy. Without a bra or panties, my shaved pussy and hard nipples were perfectly visible through it. I saw eyes turned toward me, watching me, taking me in. I had never felt so exposed before and it was wildly liberating.

Carl pulled me down toward his lap. I straddled him and kissed him, running my long, thin fingers through his sandy blonde hair. Carl was a beautiful creature. Despite his day job as an accountant, he was never boring. He had been an avid surfer since his teens and still looked like one even in his early thirties. Women were drawn to him, but he only had eyes for me and I felt lucky for that.

Though we had only been married for a few years, we had been together since meeting in college, when he was a senior and I was a freshman. Our sex life had always been off the charts. Swinging was only about adding a new experience that we might continue or might decide wasn’t for us. We’d been in a threesome before but we wanted to explore more and tonight was the night to do just that. Carl moaned into my mouth as I placed a kiss on his lips, my tongue slipping inside his mouth to explore his. He seemed a bit surprised by my kissing him so aggressively in public, but he wasn’t complaining. I could feel his erection pressing against the front of his thin linen pants. Soon, we were joined by a woman who seemed to be alone.

“Would you like to come to join me in the playroom?” she asked.

“Playroom?” I replied, pulling away from Carl to look up at her.

She was gorgeous. Her long black hair was straight and seemed polished to a shine. Her dark skin and deep brown eyes were a steep contrast to our blonde hair and lightly tanned complexions. My eyes trailed from her long eyelashes, down her full lips, and across her well-proportioned body.

Much to my surprise, it was Carl who answered her. “Yes. We’d love to go.”

I looked down at him and smiled. It would seem she had attracted his attention too. I climbed off his lap and she took my hand, leading the two of us to an adjoining door that took us into the kind of room I had expected when I came here. We had been in the meet and greet room. Now, we were heading into the sex den. It was dark and sultry—sexy.

“My name is Danika White Feather. People here just call me Dani,” she said.

“Did you come here alone?” I asked.

“No. My partner is here somewhere. We have different kinks, so we split up and enjoy them to the fullest.”

“And what is your kink?” Carl asked.

She moved closer to him and ran her hand down his crotch, letting her hand drift lightly across his still very present erection.

“I like to be fucked by men. She doesn’t,” she replied, meeting his gaze and holding it before motioning him toward a bed behind her. “This is designated for first-timers, which your table reservation card color tells me you are. No one will join us without permission.”

She glanced toward me with a slow smile and moved toward the bed, slipping down onto it and opening her legs to expose a carefully crafted landing strip and muscular thighs. Carl glanced toward me uncertainly and I nodded that it was okay.

“You are welcome to watch or join in. The only thing better than one lover is two,” Dani purred toward me.

For a moment, I just watched, riveted toward the sight of my husband stripping off his clothes and moving closer to the bed. Dani licked her lips and took his cock in her mouth, slowly swirling and flicking her tongue along the underside as she got him nice and hard and then slipped a condom over his raging hard-on. She wasted no time in getting into position, turning to get on all fours and offering her ass to him.

I could feel myself getting wet as he moved in and cupped her ass cheeks in his hands, centered his cock at the entrance to her pussy, and inched it slowly inside her until he was fully submerged. She let out a low growl as he began see-sawing slowly in and out of her wet center. Soon, I was completely lost in the spectacle of him fucking her as I stood by and began touching myself, oblivious to the others who had gathered to watch.

“Faster. Fuck me,” she screeched as he pumped into her harder and deeper. I knew how he felt when he was this hard, this turned on. It wasn’t the first time I had seen him fuck another woman but the other one had been much more vanilla, a neighbor’s wife who had joined us at the pool and stayed for a bit of afternoon delight while her husband was away.

I watched as he fucked Dani like a man unleashed into the wild to fuck like an animal. It was invigorating, primal. I was so turned on. I was ready to have a bit of my own fun. As Carl pounded into her, I found myself drawn to a man standing nearby, his long, thick cock in his hands as he stroked it in his hand.

I reached for one of the condoms in a nearby bowl and opened it, approaching him with it and asking him a silent question. He answered by removing his hand and letting me sheath his heavy tool in rubber before leading him toward the bed where I lay down beside Dani and opened my legs to him. I didn’t want foreplay. I’d got all I needed watching Carl and Dani. What I needed now was satisfaction and he was more than happy to please, slipping every inch of what must be nine of them into me and rocking back and forth, grinding into me as I moaned loudly.

Carl looked over, watching as I got royally fucked by a guy that looked like he probably was a linebacker when he wasn’t out at a swing club. I glanced around me to see several people gathered, just watching. On nearby beds there was a woman on all fours, sucking cock. Behind her, a petite Japanese woman sporting a huge strap-on dildo was grinding into her. Everywhere, people were enjoying whatever sex they wanted without any concern about who watched.

I watched as Carl pushed into Dani one last time and came with a roar of pleasure. He lingered there for a moment and then pulled free of her, dropping the condom into a bucket that a slender naked girl dressed in latex was walking around with for just that purpose. Dani moved toward me, kissing me as my body moved up and down with the force of the royal fucking I was getting.

“May I?” a voice said from behind her. She looked around toward a delicate-looking young man with a sizeable erection and a condom in hand. She nodded toward him and resumed kissing me as he moved onto the bed behind her and positioned himself at her still-wet hole. Dani moaned into my mouth as he began pumping into her. I lost all sense of where Carl was for a moment but soon spotted him nearby, a redhead on her knees in front of him, sucking him off. I watched for a moment, noting that while he was enjoying what she was doing, his eyes remained on me, watching me getting fucked, kissed, and fondled.

“God, I’m coming,” I hissed as the nameless stranger fucked me hard and deep. I dug my fingernails into the rich sheets beneath me as my body shuddered with a release like I’d never felt before. Sex with Carl was fantastic, but the heightened excitement of getting railed by a stranger brought my climax to a whole new level.

As he stepped away from me, another man stepped up, offering himself to me. I found myself wondering how much I could take. I told him yes as Dani moved upward to hover above my face, letting me lap up her juices and suck at her clit as my new partner plunged into me and began fucking me wildly. Before all was said and done I had become the center of a train and I was loving every moment of it.

I had lost all sense of where Carl had gotten off to as I let myself be fucked by an assortment of dicks in every size, color, and shape. You would think it would be tiresome but I found myself enjoying being worn out again and again, my passion fueled by wives, girlfriends, and singles who supplemented by hammering by kissing me and exploring my skin with their hands and mouths.

By the time it ended, I had lost count of how many men I had let fuck me. I stood up from the bed and walked on unsteady legs toward the bar. I was stark naked, having shed my teddy at some point and not caring where it went. One of the server girls plopped a towel down on a stool and I perched myself on it, my throbbing pussy finally beginning to protest against my antics.

Looking around, I spotted Carl sitting back on a large floor puff with a woman bouncing up and down on his cock. He had scoffed when I offered him Viagra before we arrived, but it appeared he was making good use of it. Upon closer inspection, I could see that the woman riding him was transgender, with large surgically enhanced breasts and an impressive cock of her own.

I smiled. Carl was embracing everything this place had to offer. I was glad. I had not been concerned that neither of us would like this, but I had been afraid that one of us would enjoy it and the other wouldn’t. Now, that didn’t seem to be an issue at all. I wanted to join in but something told me that this was an experience I should let him have on his own. Instead, I sipped my drink and watched him.

For the rest of the evening, I existed as a voyeur. I watched Carl join a group of men who were masturbating on a naked woman spread out on a table. She was completely naked with her legs wide open but no one attempted to touch her. Instead, they just masturbated, covering her with their cum.

“Bukkake,” Carole said as she moved in beside me.

“There you are. We completely lost track of you,” I replied, noting that she was now wearing nothing but an open silk robe, her perky breasts and well-kempt pussy visible. I remained naked and had no qualms about it.

“This isn’t the only room. There are others throughout the hotel. This is just the public one.”

“Really? That sounds interesting.”

“It is. Things will begin winding down soon though. Everyone will drift off to their own rooms, to their games. Some rooms will close down, and others will ramp up.”

"We will have to see what else there is to get up to next time,” I told her, still watching Carl, who was now done and looking around, presumably for me.

“Yes, you will. Maybe you and Carl would even like to join us for one of our games.”

“Games” I replied. I was intrigued, but she only smiled and excused herself to meet her husband who was approaching us. I looked to find Carl coming in from a different direction. I ordered him a drink and handed it to him as he arrived.

“Oh, thanks. I’m absolutely parched,” he replied.

“I bet you are,” I laughed.

“Are you done?”

“With here? Yes.”

“Should we find our clothes and go to our room?”

“I think that is an excellent idea.”

We made our way through the people who remained. Many had already drifted off to other sex rooms, their own rooms, or left for home. We paused as a woman in red leather offered us her “pet” who was a man on all fours being led around by a chain like a dog. My teddy was lost it seemed but I found my dress and Carl’s clothes at our table and we slipped them on before making a quiet exit to the elevator and heading up to our room.

We showered together, kissing and enjoying a return to the tenderness that existed between us, something that was noticeably absent in the encounters downstairs. Afterward, we couldn’t sleep, talking excitedly about everything we had done and how freeing it had been. Though you’d think we’d both had our fill of sex for the night, nothing was farther from the truth.

Our lovemaking started slowly as if we wanted to counter the heat from the swinger’s event by embracing our softer sides but we quickly heated up, tossing aside gentleness for the raw primal urges that were still very much flowing through our veins after all we’d just experienced.

“I want to ride you like the trans woman I saw you fucking,” I whispered in his ear as he fucked me in long deep strokes. 

Usually, I loved this kind of closeness, with him on top of me, watching my face for reaction as he plunged my depths with his perfect cock. Not tonight though. I was still amped up. I didn’t want to be treated like his wife, a delicate little flower. I wanted him to fuck me up the ass with wanton abandon.

“Yeah?” he asked, a devious smile crossing his face as he pulled his cock from my pussy and climbed off of the bed, crossing the floor to sit in a wooden chair at the small work table in the room.

I lay sprawled out on the bed watching him as he sat in the chair and positioned himself with open legs, giving me a nice visual of his hard dick, still slick with my pussy juices, and motioned for me to join him. I stood and walked over to him, leaning in to kiss him, my tongue tangling deliciously with his as I sat facing him in his lap, offering him my tits.

Carl moved from one nipple to the other, sucking and nibbling at them with a fervor that seemed a little more intense than usual. If there had been any fear that sex with other people might somehow damage our own need for one another, it was clear that it did not. We were even hotter for each other than before.

Reaching down and lifting me up, Carl impaled me with his cock, filling my pussy once again and just letting his cock plug my hole as we continued to kiss and explore one another’s skin. His hands kneaded my tits, pulling them toward his eager mouth as he took his time enjoying them. He’d always been a tit man and made no secret of how much he liked mine. 

Tonight though, he was going to be an ass man and I was ready for that. I pushed away, standing up and facing him for a moment, reaching my hand between my legs to twirl two of my fingers slowly through my soaked pussy. He watched as I turned away and bent forward, looking back over my shoulder at him as I used the wetness on my fingers to lube my asshole for him, slipping a single digit inside and slowly finger fucking my ass for him.

I could see how turned on he was as he watched me, so I put on a bit of a show for him before moving back to within his reach. He took the hint and pulled me back down onto his lap, using his hands on my waist to position me where he wanted me and then pulling me slowly down onto his waiting dick. Slowly, he inched inside of me until he was fully embedded in my ass.

I let out a prolonged moan as the length of his cock filled my tiny orifice. Carl wiggled his hips to make sure I was fully seated on his erection. Spreading my legs further open to let him get just a bit deeper, I continued to moan quietly. Carl guided my movements, pulling me up and down on his raging boner slowly, pulling almost free before letting me gently slip downward again. 

Our grunts and groans grew louder as we left behind any concern for what any neighboring rooms might hear. Soon, I was bouncing happily and noisily up and down on his cock, letting him ream my asshole hard and deep. I slipped my fingers downward to play with my clit as he fucked me with increasingly more energy until I was coming so hard I thought I might pass out.

A wave of orgasms rocked my body as he continued pounding into me. I struggled to keep my fingers on my clit and finally gave it up, grabbing hold of the edges of the chair and pushing back on him with as much power as I could manage. He rammed his hard cock into me once more and let out a deep growl from the back of his throat.

“Fuck, I’m going to come in your ass,” he grunted.

“Yes. Fill me up,’ I screeched as our bodies continued to collide.

Carl pulled me down again and held me there, letting loose a hot, thick climax inside my ass and then collapsing back against the chair. After a moment, I slipped free of him and turned to kiss him, his sticky cum oozing out of me and down my thigh. I felt dirty and used in a way that I loved. I pulled him up toward me and we went to the bathroom together to clean ourselves up a bit before bed, finally satisfied for today. Despite all the sex that we’d had with others, neither of us could ever be truly happy without knowing we’d pleased each other.

We fell asleep in one another’s arms, closer than ever. Giving each other the freedom to do as we pleased with others for one night had only brought us closer and I knew that this wouldn’t be our last visit to one of these swingers’ events. In fact, we might have to see who was still around for breakfast come morning.