Bird of Paradise - An Erotica Story

Two women entangled in bed

She was the hottest peacock I’d ever laid eyes on in my life. I watched as she strutted her feathers across the stage, followed by a flock of other dancers that paled in comparison to her. I sat, mesmerized, as the show continued with her front and center. She met my eyes and I felt her searing heat shoot through my center and end in an ache that made me squirm in my seat.

I had seen that. Right? I hadn’t imagined it. I finished my drink, applauding loudly as the show finished and the dancers left the stage. I returned to the casino floor, still thinking about her long legs and the perfect oval of her mouth. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one in the crowd who noticed her and who knew if she was even into women.

Still, that brief moment when our eyes met. I hadn’t imagined it. She looked at me. Her eyes locked on mine. It was only for a moment, but that had been long enough for it to have an impact. It didn’t really matter. I was only here for the night, passing through on a business trip to California. I’d decided to take the night off, hit a few slots, catch a show, and kick back with some drinks.

I took a seat at one of the machines and scanned my card to play. I pushed the buttons to place my bet and the machine whirred into action. I played for a bit, winning a few, and losing a few. Bored, I got up and headed out to the pool, grabbing a drink from the outdoor bar and kicking back in the night air on one of the lounge chairs. It was crowded but I finally found one free.

“Do you mind if I join you?” a voice said from above.

I looked up to see the peacock standing before me, except she was no longer in costume. The glitz and glitter were gone from her face and she was wearing a short sundress so sheer that I could make out every curve of her body from the silhouette created by the lights surrounding the pool area. The night air was a bit cool for Vegas, leaving her nipples hard as it blew across the thin material of her dress. My nipples were hard too but I don’t think it had as much to do with the wind.

“Sure,” I told her, moving to sit sideways on the lounge so she could sit beside me.

“I’m Selena,” she told me.

“Tess,” I replied, with a slow smile.

“You were at my show,” she told me, leaning closer.

I could smell her perfume, a light citrusy fragrance that smelled clean and crisp along as it floated toward me on the night air. I wanted to rub against her like a cat, letting her put her scent on me. I couldn’t remember the last time I felt so attracted to a woman, but then again, she wasn’t just any woman. She was easily the most stunning woman I’d ever seen.

“Are you just visiting?” she asked.

“Yes, just for the night,” I told her.

“Then I guess we shouldn’t waste time,” she purred, standing up and offering me her hand.

I didn’t ask questions, I was up on my feet in a matter of seconds, taking her hand and following her back to the casino.

“Do you have a room here?”

“I do. You want to come up?”

“I’d love to,” she told me, letting me take the lead toward the elevator to my floor.

“There’s something about you,” she told me, pushing me against the mirrored wall behind me. I felt tiny compared to her. I was barely 5’2” in sandals to what I was guessing was about 5’11” plus stilettos. Her hair, which had been carefully combed into a tight bun surrounded by peacock feathers earlier, now hung in long dark waves across her pale, delicate shoulders.

The warmth spread through me as she brought her lips to mine, drinking me in hungrily as the elevator took up upward toward our destination. I could feel myself trembling with anticipation as we exited and made our way down the hallway to my room. After two failed attempts to scan my room entry card, she took it from me, her body pressed along the back of mine. I watched as she deftly slipped it into the locking mechanism, her long, slender fingers ending in vividly colored nails that matched her earlier costume.

The door clicked open and we pressed our way in, our bodies intertwined as she kicked the door closed behind her and we stumbled toward my bed. It seemed surreal that things had escalated so quickly from those few seconds when she was on stage to us being in tangled bliss. It was as if some cosmic being had thrown us together just to watch the sparks fly.

“Your skin is so smooth,” I murmured as I moved my hands beneath her dress and slid them up her thin waist.

“Yeah? I thought you preferred me feathered,” she purred.

“Well, you are a bird of paradise, but I think this might work better in our current situation,” I told her as she lifted her arms to let me remove the dress.

I slipped the dress slowly upward, revealing nothing beneath but an almost non-existent nude thong and a perfect pair of natural, unrestrained C cups. She moaned as I cupped them in my hands and brought a perfect pink nipple to my mouth, suckling softly as I watched the ecstasy spread across her beautiful face.

Her fingers fumbled with my shirt, unbuttoning it and slipping it free to discard it on the floor before moving on to the button of my shorts. I shifted my hips as they began to fall downward, wiggling out of them. I wasn’t wearing anything underneath.

“No undies. Bad girl,” she teased, pushing me back onto the bed and climbing on top of me to straddle me. I lay back, letting her take the lead and she wasn’t shy about it. She leaned forward to kiss me again, a deep lingering exploration that left me wet and wanting more. I tangled my fingers in her hair, pulling her for a moment as we kissed before she moved toward my neck, kissing and nibbling her way lightly down the side of my neck, fully exposed to her beneath my short, spiky hair.

She moved excruciatingly slowly downward, cupping my small breasts in her hands and flicking her tongue across my hardened nipples before slipping further down to plant barely there kisses across my stomach. I watched her, enjoying the sensations she was leaving behind. I could feel my excitement growing wetter between my legs as I had an overwhelming urge to taste her.

I wanted to prolong this for as long as possible. My pleasure could wait. Right now, I wanted to taste her. I wanted to feel her velvet center against my tongue.

Reaching down, I pulled her back upward, shifting my body so that we lay side by side, her lips once again pressed to mine in a delicious kiss.

The room was filled with our moans and sighs as we explored one another’s mouths. My hand slipped down to her right breast, caressing it and lightly pinching the nipple between my finger and thumb, enjoying the way she squirmed each time I did so.

Her hand slipped down to drag a single fingernail through the closely trimmed hair along my pubic mound, teasing me. I returned the favor, moving down to slip my hand inside her thong and onto her pussy. Unlike mine, it was bare, shaven to silky smoothness. I found her clit and rubbed it softly, watching her face as she closed her eyes and arched her back so that her hips moved closer to me.

We lay there together, lazily massaging one another’s clits as we kissed, moaning into one another’s mouths. Each time I grew close, my hips trembling with the potential eruption she brought to the surface, she backed off, tormenting me until I wasn’t sure how much I could stand. I did the same to her, enjoying bringing her to the edge and then pushing her back, heightening her future pleasure with each denial.

Finally, unable to hold back anymore, I moved away, shifting in the bed so that my pussy was out of her reach and I could focus on her instead. I stood at the end of the belt and grabbed her ankles, dragging her down toward me before sliding off her thong and pulling her legs apart to expose her perfect pink center to me. She was wet, ripe. I wanted to eat her like the juicy peach she was and that was exactly what I aimed to do. I brought my mouth to her clit, lapping at it gingerly as she cooed beneath me. I planned to keep going until she was completely out of control and thrashing about with ecstasy.

“Yes, God. That feels so good. Don’t stop,” she begged, her hands pulling my head into her, urging me to go at it harder.

I more than happily obliged. Eating her out with wanton abandon, driven on by her noises of pleasure and words of encouragement. She was soaking wet, her juices smeared across my lips and face as I tongue fucked her hard and fast, easing off to suckle at her hard pink button until she was screaming and clutching at the sheets beneath her.

“Please, please, please. Let me come,” she begged.

“Not yet,” I whispered, continuing to push her to the edge until she was nothing more than jelly beneath me. Reduced to nothing more than gasps, I could feel her digging her nails into my back. It was time. I finally gave in and focused on her clit, pushing her over the edge. She let out a high-pitched wail as her hips bucked forward, spilling her orgasm into my hungry mouth. I lapped her up eagerly, loving the taste of her creamy delight.

Afterward, I moved up to lay beside her on the bed, each of us catching our breath. Within moments, she had faded off to sleep. I watched her sleeping, sprawled naked across the bed beside me but only for a few moments. Soon, I was sound asleep beside her.

When we woke up, several hours later, I expected she would bolt from our unexpected one-night stand.

“I guess you need to get back to somewhere,” I told her.

“Eventually, but not right now,” she told me, reaching out to caress my cheek and pulling me toward her. She kissed me softly, her tongue dancing a slow tango with mine as she reached between my legs to slip her long fingers inside of me. I moaned with anticipation as she pulled away and nibbled at my ear lobe. “I think I owe you an orgasm,” she breathed against my ear.

She took her time, slipping slowly in and out of my already dripping center, bringing me closer with every thrust. Her thumb rested firmly on my clit, the friction adding to the sensation of her finger fucking me.

“Yes,” I panted against her ear.

“You like that?” she whispered.

“Yes. Yes,” I half moaned; half gasped.

“Tell me what you want. What do you need?”

“I want to come. I need to come so badly.”

“Do you want to come in my mouth?”

“Please—” I replied in short gasps of breath.

She moved downward, flipping me sideways and spreading my legs open to her. Her mouth was as hungry as mine had been earlier as she centered her stiff tongue against my clit, getting it hard as she flicked back and forth across it, her fingers continuing to push in and out against the edges of my impassioned pussy walls until I couldn’t hold back anymore.

I spilled my need into her mouth, my hips bucking wildly as she kept up her expert manipulations until every ounce of what I had to give was depleted, lapped up by her talented tongue. When she was finished, she stood and pulled me up from the bed toward her. She kissed me, my pussy juices still on her lips, and then leaned back to smile at me thoughtfully.

“Now, I have to get off to somewhere,” she said with a smile.

“Of course. Thank you for—everything,” I replied.

I watched as she slipped her thong back up her legs, giving me one last look at her beautiful form, and then retrieved her dress to pull on. Her hair was tousled all over her head and she didn’t bother to fix it, leaving her with that hot, just sexed look. Leaning in to kiss me on the lips one last time, she turned to go without another word.

My bird of paradise had flown.