Tired of waiting for the world to change, we created our own safe space. We support a culture of inclusion, sex-positivity, and embrace fluidity. We’re guided by intentional values that foster a sense of playfulness and sensuality, not shame or taboo. Empower Pleasure is our deeply satisfying way of creating a little more wellness in the world, not just for you, but for our employees and partners too. Safe spaces are vital for growth and joy and all are welcome here.


for all kinds of love

Hello, liberated lover. It’s always nice to meet a kindred spirit. Like you, we keep it open-minded around here; it’s kind of everything we’re about. So, if you’re wondering what the rules are? Don’t ask us. We’re not here to hem you in. We’re here to provide you the tools to help you stay free. Adults should feel like adults. We trust you to get it done safely.

make your own pleasure


We like to F*CK, too. But you know what’s even better? Being whoever TF you are. To all the dirty talkers, adventure seekers, curious romantics - or however else you describe yourself - we want you to boldly be you. Whether you like to make the rules or break them, be the center of attention or just like to watch, your sex magic is your own to figure out. So, go ahead. Explore. We’re not judging.

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