Giving Back

As a company, Empower Pleasure looks to give back to the communities and spaces that we are involved in. Since access to sexual wellness resources is a socio-political problem, our company desires to play our part in providing both educational and financial resources to those in need.

Research has indicated that those in a lower socioeconomic status are less likely to have access to sexual wellness resources, such as protection and education. Therefore, the disproportionate access to wellness can lead to problems of sexually-transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancies, and so on.

Empower Pleasure will donate a portion of every purchase to a fund that provides wellness products, like condoms, to community organizations that help underserved populations. 

Also, related to sex, there are great problems with sex trafficking and sexual abuse. So, we will also donate a percentage of our sales to benefiting groups that are working to end these types of violence. 

If you are an organization that needs assistance, please reach out to us.

As we grow, we look forward to giving back.