Sex Toys for Lesbians: Best Rated Lesbian Sex Toys

First things first, we should get something straight (or not). Anyone — of any sexuality, gender identity, and relationship status — can use sex toys. Adult toys allow you to explore your and your partner’s bodies further, find what you like, and maybe even discover some new kinks. Who wouldn’t want that?

The days of sex toys only being used alone are long gone, if they even existed to begin with. Using toys with a partner opens up a whole new world of possibilities in the bedroom.

You and your partner can discuss what you like and find toys that could work for one or both of you. Sex toys are fantastic for facilitating conversations about what you’re both into, so let them pave the way.

If you and your partner both have vulvas and are in search of some new sex toys to add some extra spice to your life, this is the article for you.

Strap-Ons and Harnesses

When many of us think of sex toys for lesbians (and some of us will think about them more than others), chances are that strap-ons are at the top of the list. There have been some misconceptions about strap-ons over time and why people with vulvas enjoy using them.

The truth is that there are many different reasons why people enjoy using strap-ons. If you or your partner enjoys penetrative sex, using a strap-on gives you new options that using fingers or other toys might not have provided.

People also enjoy using or wearing strap-ons for gender-affirming reasons. At the end of the day, people enjoy strap-ons because it offers a new way to enjoy themselves and others.

Strap U G Swirl G-Spot Silicone Dildo

There are hyperrealistic-looking dildos (ones meant to look like penises), dildos that look nothing like penises, and everything in between. The Strap U G Swirl G-Spot Silicone Dildo is a happy medium between the two, with a shape meant to target your G-Spot head and a lovely ombré purple effect.

The flared base of this strap-on means that it can easily pair with various harnesses (some of which we will highlight later). That’s not the only exciting feature about the base, however.

It also has a suction cup functionality, so you can stick it to the floor, wall, shower, or wherever else you want. After that, get ready for the ride of your life.

Since this dildo is made of silicone, you should only use water-based lubricant with it. This will help to keep the toy in good shape.

Her Royal Harness Boxer Brief

We promised, and now it’s time to deliver. There are all sorts of different harnesses for use with strap-ons. Certain people prefer a somewhat more “classic” harness, while others want something more underwear-like.

Those just starting in the wonderful world of strap-ons and harnesses might feel more comfortable with one that resembles underwear because it is more familiar.

If this is the case for you, look no further than this underwear/harness combo. Empower Pleasure has Her Royal Harness Boxer Brief in small/mediumHer Royal Harness Boxer Brief in large/extra largeHer Royal Harness Boxer Brief in 2XL/3XL.

This way, everyone can get in on the strappy fun. The O-Ring shape works with all sorts of different dildos, vibrators, and more.

Strap on Me Vibrating Bendable M Strapless Strap-On

For a long time, strap-ons that only penetrate one person were considered the norm. Luckily, as unnecessary taboos have been continuously broken down, we get to indulge in our pleasure more and more. This has set the stage for a great deal of innovation in the sex toy space, all leading up to the invention of the strapless strap-on.

We will specifically highlight the Strap on Me Vibrating Bendable M Strapless Strap-On because there’s just so much to love about it. This toy is used by inserting one end into the wearer so that they can receive both G-Spot and clitoral stimulation. From there, you can apply a water-based lubricant of your choice and use it to penetrate the other partner.

Strapless strap-ons are fabulous because they focus equally on the pleasure of the penetrator and the one being penetrated. That isn’t to knock other kinds of strap-ons, though. Often, giving your partner pleasure is the best feeling of all. That said, strapless strap-ons are worth trying on for size.

Pegasus 7″ Strapless Strap-On With Remote

Taking strapless strap-ons to the next level, the Pegasus 7″ Strapless Strap-On w/ Remote has a few qualities that make it truly stand out among the rest. First, it has an attachment that allows for anal penetration and stimulation. That’s right, the wearer of this strap-on doesn’t just get G-Spot stimulation, but they get a little something knocking at the backdoor, too.

This vibrating strap-on also has a remote, meaning that the vibration speed and mode can be altered without having direct access to the toy itself. When you’re in the middle of it, the last thing you want is to have to hit pause so you can access an awkwardly placed button. With the remote, that issue is officially a thing of the past.

Gender Fluid Thigh Rider Strap-On Harness

People who aren’t into the idea of a strap-on harness located around their groin will be overjoyed to hear about the Gender Fluid Thigh Rider Strap-On Harness. It’s padded, giving more comfort to both the wearer and the rider. This harness just serves to give you even more options when it comes to taking charge of your sex life.

Double-Sided Dildos

Double-sided dildos have been a porn mainstay for nearly as long as there’s been porn on the internet. The truth is that there are plenty of ways to enjoy this kind of toy.

It can be used for double penetration, penetrating two holes on the same person, or penetrating two different people. Choosing a bendable double-sided dildo will give you the most options, but more rigid ones are also available.

Classix 18″ Bendable Double Whammy

The Classix 18″ Bendable Double Whammy can be bent into all sorts of different shapes to accommodate your and your partner’s needs. Have you ever seen one of those long balloons and had surprisingly dirty thoughts? Then this is the sex toy for you!

Wand Vibrators

Wand vibrators have always been a top choice for masturbating with a vulva, but there are so many ways to use them during lesbian sex too. It can be used for mutual masturbation, for sharing, or to enhance tribbing or scissoring. No matter how you and your partner choose to use a wand vibrator, here is one of our favorite options.

Dorcel Dual Orgasms Wand Vibrator

We would be remiss if we didn’t take the time to highlight the Dorcel Dual Orgasms Wand Vibrator. This rechargeable vibrator is as pretty to look at as it is good at getting you off. The sleek black color really enhances the luxury of the product, and the gold trim makes it that much more unique. The toy has two separate motors and seven vibrations to drive you wild.

If that wasn’t good enough, this wand vibrator comes with a secret extra way to get you off. It can also function as a penetrative G-Spot massager, so it can work with whatever you’re into. It has small metal balls inside that rotate, stimulating you internally. All the while, the vibrations will still be buzzing away.

Toying Around

Nowadays, there are so many different sex toys that it can feel a little overwhelming when trying to figure out what would be right for you. That said, make sure not to stress. After all, this is supposed to be a fun experience! Seeking the help of a guide can be incredibly helpful in pointing you in the right direction.

Whether you’re looking for a strap-on, wand vibrator, double-sided dildo, or something else entirely, the perfect toy for you is out there.


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