Our Top Ten Picks for a Sex-Positive 2022

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Here it is in all its glory. A brand-spankin' new year. Of all the things you’re hoping for in the next twelve months, we hope pleasure and joy are a part of it. To make sure you get yours — and then some — here are our top 10 picks that we sincerely hope will make this year one for the books.

1. Inya Sonnet - Assorted Colors

Introducing the Inya Sonnet or, as we like to call it, the one-and-done. Combining powerful G-spot vibration with sensual clitoral suction means this little beauty will keep you smiling through all four seasons, come what may. Plus, she’s water-resistant, so go ahead and take those extra-long baths or showers. We won’t tell.

2. Luxe Aura - Green

Life has been . . . let's just say rough around the edges since 2020. So it’s fair if what you’re looking for in 2022 is some luxury and decadence. The Luxe Aura will thrill with its powerful G-spot vibration and pressured suction to stimulate the clitoris without foregoing chic, elevated style. The luxurious platinum silicone comes in a classic, heritage green-with-gold detail, to keep your pleasure bougie AF. Rechargeable & suitable with all lubricants, obvi.

3. Sensuva Ultra-Thick Personal Moisturizer

It’s still early-2022 and maybe you’re not quite ready to expand upon your toy repertoire but are still looking to deepen the connection to your sensual side? Sensuva’s Ultra-Thick Personal Moisturizer isn’t your basic moisturizer (but it does make skin smooth and silky soft). The unique consistency of the Hybrid Formula helps partners feel each other's body to enhance connection, or can be used to self-massage and enhance connection with self. And you already know she thiccc but did we mention she comes in a yummy salted caramel flavor?  Safe to use with latex and silicone products - Enjoy!

4. Rocks Off Desire Plug with Remote

Is 2022 finally the year you’re ready to explore the back door? Or perhaps you’re well- acquainted and want to amplify the play? Consider the Rocks Off Desire Plug with Remote. The firm velvet touch base drives deep pulsing vibrations to tease and tantalize your cheeks with a beautifully tapered tip that ingeniously flickers and teases to climax. Arguably the best part? The remote, duh. Use it to change up the settings or hand it over to your partner for next-level play.

5. Marvelous Climaxer

Is a good massage all you’re really looking for? The flexible Marvelous Climaxer massager has a one-of-a-kind design with dual motors and 10 powerful vibration, pulsation, and escalation functions. Yes, 10. Plus, it’s flexible, meaning it delivers thrilling stimulation from almost any angle you choose. A 2-button control lets you cycle through the knee-shaking settings or use the secure travel lock feature to take your passion to-go. The hypoallergenic premium silicone is body-safe, unscented, and phthalate-free so massage anywhere you like, you deserve it.

6. Ouch Velvet & Velcro Tie-Up

Massages are great but maybe 2022 is your year to finally show a little bit of restraint. Enter the Ouch Velvet & Velcro Tie-Up. Tie them up or tie them down with this seductive, easy-to-use accessory for a kinky, playful time. And before you ask - yes it can also be used as a blindfold, and on wrists, ankles, or both. It’s the perfect amount of ouch to make you gasp and ask for more!

7. Dirty Coloring Book

Looking to get back in touch with your crafty, creative side? You’ll love the Dirty Coloring Book. It satisfies so many needs from hours of play to titillating our creative juices- well all of our juices TBH. Get out your coloring tools and explore your thirst in a completely new way. Pro-tip: makes for an unexpected and delightful gift!

8. Satisfyer Foaming Toy Wash

Looking to clean up your act in 2022? Can’t relate but we can help you clean up your toys. The Satisfyer Foaming Toy Wash is a fluffy, fun way to keep things kosher. This whimsical wash uses an alcohol-free formula to thoroughly clean your toys, offering reliable protection against a range of bacteria, viruses, and fungi with plenty of suds. The foam is gentle on materials and turns the dull (but essential!) task of cleaning your toys into a bubbly good time.

9. The Luv Portable UV Sanitizing Case

While we’re on the topic of keeping it clean, since 2020, we’ve all gotten a little more serious about sanitizing, amirite? The Luv Portable UV Sanitizing Case sanitizes your pleasure products with a lab-tested process that eliminates 99.9% of bacteria in only three minutes without any need for harsh chemicals. It’s a sanitizing mic-drop. Plus, it’s compatible for use with a variety of materials, including glass, silicone, ABS plastic, and rubber.

10. Fuck Fake Orgasms Pin

Love everything on this list but still haven’t found your trademark statement piece? You clearly haven’t seen our Fuck Fake Orgasms Pin. Not only does this little nugget speak a thousand words, it’s a cheeky reminder that the personal is political. Because to reclaim pleasure is empowering and if there’s one lesson that’s been the theme of recent years, it’s that life is too short. YOLO, everyone.

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