Masturbation Positions for Every Type of Person To Enjoy

We’re all about self-care, and a crucial part of a comprehensive self-care routine for many people includes masturbation. It’s a great way to unwind, connect and check in with your body, and it helps that it’s super fun.

And let’s not forget all of the endorphins that get released into your system, leading to a better mood and a greater ability to handle stress. Whether you have a regular partner or you’re single, getting yourself off on the regular can also help you understand your body better, meaning that when you have a partner, sex is more satisfying.

Some studies have even shown that people who masturbate are more likely to orgasm during partnered sex. Masturbating can help you become more comfortable with your own body — and if you already know and feel exactly as hot as you truly are, it can help you pinpoint the things that make your toes curl.

But what do you do when your daily me-time feels a bit more like meh-time? You do the same thing when sex with a regular partner isn’t quite hitting the spot anymore — you look for ways to reconnect and spice things up.

So let’s talk about some masturbation positions for every type of person to enjoy that’ll give you a new edge for the next time you’re looking to bring yourself over the edge.

1. Get On Your Knees

We’re not talking about doggy style (give us a minute, we’ll get there!). We’re talking about kneeling on your bed or another surface that will be comfortable for your knees while keeping your upper body upright.

Spread your knees as far as is comfortable for you, and then hold on — either by leaning back or forward and supporting yourself with your free hand or by holding onto a wall, dresser, headboard, or whatever you have handy while you’re, well. You get the joke.

Then you can use whichever hand you prefer to touch yourself between your legs or use your favorite toy to go to town. Kneeling in this way can help improve your self-love experience by opening up your body and providing a general change.

It’s also great if your preferred toy is a dildo like the Tantus Flurry Silicone Dildo, which is anatomically targeted to stimulate your G-spot. Sitting on your knees, you’ll raise and lower yourself more easily while keeping your body open for additional stimulation to your clit or other erogenous zones.

You can also easily lean forward, backward, or to either side to get some new sensations and truly explore what feels best for you, so the next time a partner says, “what do you want?” you can answer with confidence.

2. Stand With One Leg Lifted

This position is multi-purpose! It’s super useful if you live in a situation where the only private time you get is in the bathroom. The first purpose that this position is positively made for is masturbating in the shower.

Just place one foot on the side of your bathtub or a seat or shelf in your bath or shower. This opens you up completely, giving you total access to everything you need to get yourself off.

If you have a removable showerhead, this masturbation position is a godsend because it’s the perfect angle to give yourself stability and pleasure in slippery situations. If you don’t have a removable showerhead, your fingers or a waterproof vibrator like the Evolved Tempest G can ensure that the water isn’t the only thing getting hot.

But you don’t have to limit your use of this position to the shower. You can also prop your foot up on your bed, a chair, or anything you have available.

Opening yourself up this way doesn’t just work because it’s new or convenient, either — to balance most of your weight on one leg, you’ll need to employ more muscles than usual. This can cause your pelvic floor muscles to flex. Translation? It feels extra amazing when you orgasm.

If you’re looking to bring a little more self-love to your self-love, or are trying to build up your body confidence — or if your body confidence is already through the roof, where it should be — propping one leg up like this in front of a full-length mirror can give you an amazing view and angle to enjoy yourself to the absolute fullest.

3. Dangle Your Head Off the Edge of Your Bed

If this sounds like a bad idea you might get from a Tinder date you’ll never see again, suspend your disbelief long enough to hear us out. This position has some serious potential to maximize your pleasure while capitalizing on the ease of most people’s go-to position: you’re basically just lying down.

So if you’re looking for a lazy way to get off with some added sparkle, this position is for you. Lay down on your bed as usual, but rather than vertical, you’ll want to be horizontal, so you’re across the shorter width of your bed. Then scoot up so that your head and neck dangle off the edge of your bed.

While the belief popularized by yoga that inversions increase the blood flow to your brain and positively affect your mental focus isn’t necessarily true, there’s a definite light-headed sensation that comes along with turning your head upside down. Combine that starry-eyed feeling with the rush of endorphins that comes when you do, and you’ve got the perfect recipe for a seriously special self-love sesh.

4. Prop Your Hips Up

Pro-tip: this recommendation isn’t just for alone time. It’s also a mindblowing adjustment when it comes to sex with a partner if you’re on the receiving end of penetration due to the incredible angle it offers. But back to the subject at hand

Lay on your stomach, whether on your bed or somewhere more unexpected. All you have to do to achieve masturbatory Nirvana is to place a pillow or two beneath your hips or stomach.

Doing this angles your hips in an unexpected direction, which opens you up to some unexpected sensations. It also creates tension in your leg muscles, leading to a stronger rush when all that tension releases most deliciously.

We suggest using something small yet powerful if you want to use a vibrator in this position, like the supercharged Exciter Travel Vibe. Its small size will make it easier to maneuver in this position, and with ten different settings, you won’t miss anything. After all, it’s not about size — it’s about how you use it.

5. Do It Doggy Style

We told you we’d come back to this! While many masturbation positions for everyone to enjoy are especially enjoyable for specific physical sensations they create, sometimes just changing your position to something less usual during a solo session can increase your enjoyment. Enter a perennial favorite: doggy style.

Stand on your hands and knees — if you’re a yogi, it’s your standard tabletop position — like you would for doggy-style sex. In addition to simply being a change in scenery and form that can spice things up, it also provides a new angle for you to take advantage of.

You can reach around to touch yourself, use a toy from behind, or simply use the position as a springboard for your fantasies if this position is a personal fave.

In Conclusion

Solo sex doesn’t get the same thought and attention that partnered sex does, and it’s a shame. Making time for masturbation can have many amazing benefits for your physical and mental health and improve your sex life. As we mentioned earlier, it can make you more likely to orgasm when you’re with a partner.

But specifically, trying new positions for getting yourself off can also be a boon to your sex life. If you’re somebody who harbors many fantasies, first of all, we love it. But it can be hard to express those desires to a partner, especially if it’s just a general desire to try new things and experiment in the bedroom.

Doing a little experimenting while you’re on your own can help increase your confidence and your self-knowledge so that next time you strip down with a partner, you’ll feel more at ease telling them what you need, what you want, and maybe you’ll have something to add to their repertoire, too.


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